Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights guarantee a dignified life, with basic needs covered. However, violations of the right to housing, health, work, education or culture are daily, especially after the economic crisis and austerity measures implemented in the last decade. From the DESC Observatory we watch over the effective recognition of the DESCA and their guarantee, both at the normative level - the transfer of international human rights law to our legal system - and at the executive level - the implementation of public policies that realize these rights - and at the judicial level - with guarantee resolutions that conform to international human rights standards.  

The role of citizens and social movements is key when it comes to claiming the DESCA: their influence and leadership allow for progress in the attainment of rights. The democratic character of institutions is often measured by this factor: what is the level of participation and decision of civil society in public affairs? To what extent can the right to protest be exercised?