New Guide about housing problems in Barcelona is now available!

The ESCR Observatory publishes a simple and intuitive document with which to find out what can you do if you have any problems related to housing in the city

The ESCR Observatory has recently published a guide [available in Catalan only] that, in an agile and didactic way, allows the user to search for their case and see what their rights are and all the resources at their disposal.

In Barcelona, ​​high rental prices are not compatible with the economic reality of its inhabitants. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, 1653 evictions were executed. Although a temporary moratorium has been approved to alleviate the economic effects of COVID-19, the situation remains very worrying.

This “Basic Guidance Guide for Housing Problems” is a schematic and easy-to-use tool. The user can find the information he needs quickly, through the following sections:

1- Evictions, (including the moratorium for COVID-19)

2- Energy poverty

3- Real estate harassment

4- How to rent a house

5- Young people

6- Women.

The Guide, which has been prepared in collaboration with Barcelona City Council, has a list and a map of the personal care resources that can be of help: associations, municipal care offices in housing and housing union spaces. In the face of growing precariousness and insecurity, housing is a right that must be defended. Joint work and organization are key to creating protection mechanisms like this guide.