The work area of economy and social rights focuses its efforts on carrying out a diagnosis of precariousness and poverty, their causes and the role of the Welfare State as guarantor of the provision of effective rights. The objective is to help to identify concrete economic and legislative practices that facilitate the violation of economic rights, the increase iof poverty and precariousness, and to propose measures, mobilizations and actions to reverse these phenomena.

In this sense, the area has a first line of work based on precariousness in public subcontracting, within a broader field of research that are the new working poverty. Analyze with figures and real histories, draw maps of precariousness, describe the mechanism that makes them possible and the market niche that is intensively lucrative, and finally alert, mobilize and propose changes. Finally, the area also addresses a second field of work intrinsically related to the first: the role of the welfare state, its sustainability and its multiple duties, among which are to guarantee social and economic rights.